Vendor Hall Hours

Friday: 11 am-6 pm

Saturday: 10 am-6 pm

Sunday: 10 am-4 pm

Booth Number Vendor Name Products Sold Forms of Payment
1 Kitsune’s Leather Leather craft and clay products Cash, credit, and PayPal
2 Ardail Blankets, keychains, wallscrolls, bodypillows, mousepads Credit cards and cash
3 KLPlushies The most unique and cuddly plushies will be available at KLPlushies~ Cash and Credit
4 Keyframe & Abbey Roadie Productions art prints, posters, buttons, and other accessories based around the brony fandom, along with others (such as Disney, Overwatch, Steven Universe, and others), as well as providing commissions on site at the con. Cash, Debit/Credit
5 Kazzys Plush Emporium Kazzy’s Plush Emporium has been crafting for nearly 5 years. We strive to create adorable, cuddly friends for you to love forever. If you’re looking for a plush to snuggle or travel buddy, look no further! We try to have high quality plush while keeping affordable prices. We will be selling a mixed variety of beanie, and standing plush to choose from. Paypal, Credit/Debit, and Cash
6 Waffle Wishes Playing Cards, Playmats, and Pillowcases! Everything
7 Steve Holt! We sell buttons, charms, prints, stickers, and a myriad of other items with your favorite small horses on ‘em! Cash, Credit
8 Braeburned Bottle Openers, Wallscrolls, Mousepads, Prints, Messenger Bags, Pencil Bags, Buttons, probably more! Cash, Credit/Debit
9 Natural Pop Necklaces, phone charms, and plushies Cash and all major credit cards
10 Breakfast Tee Prance, a new (2017) Pony card game, Flags, Mousepads, Wall Scrolls, Coins, Belt Buckles, TSSSF and fan made expansions, and oodles of laser etched goods, the list really does go on. Inventory is constantly changing! Stop by our website to see what’s new. All forms accepted! We use Square and good ol’ cash.
11 My Little Ties Pony ties, bow-ties, pins, coasters, tankards and all other matter of fancy items, including necklace pendants, laser etched wood art and more.
12 Furescent hats, onesies, and some simple cosplays cash & paypal
13 Snuggle Trumpet Custom crafted jerseys, hoodies, and t-shirts using hand set vinyl. Customers will be able to fully design their own clothing with their Fursona, Ponysona, Cutie Mark, OC, etc and personalize it with names, numbers, initials, and more. We offer many different vinyl materials including glitter, stripflock, and metallic. We also offer a large variety of dice bags/jewelry pouches featuring designs of some of your favorite ponies. Cash, Credit, Paypal
14 LeekFish Fine art prints, buttons, keychains, vinyl decals, original artwork  Cash, Debit/Credit
15 Chocolate Pony Tarot and Meta Artist Publishing Tarot cards and decks, enamel pins and medals, art cards, card games, comic books and history books, wallscrolls, and badges Cash, Card, Paypal
16 Tony Fleecs IDW My Little Pony Comic Artist
17 Agnes Garbowska IDW My Little Pony Comic Artist
18 Mary Bellamy IDW My Little Pony Comic Artist
19 Aynsley King My Little Pony Storyboarder & Cats With Hats creator
20 Andy Price IDW My Little Pony Comic Artist
21 Midnight Mares We sell Midnight Mares collectibles such as, posters, plushies, comic books, and shirts. We accept all payment types.
22 KefkaFloyd Art & Lights Light-up LED light displays, pins, keychains, prints Cash, Credit Cards, PayPal
23 JD Correa Sketch Art Original Art, Fan Art, Sketch Cover Comic Books and Original Sketches. Cash and PayPal.
24 Darth Rush Build your own plush pony. Cash, PayPal, Visa, Discover
25 Sugar Mint Cafe Arm bracers, wings, canvas bags, pillows, dog tags Cash, card, apple pay
26 Fantasm We make and sell little Chibi badges! We have over 300 different MLP pony badges, as well as over 700 anime and comic character badges! Card, Cash
27 Solrac and Bananimation Prints, small cardboard cutouts, commissions, limited edition T shirts, and buttons. cash, Square(credit/debit)
28 Sophie Scruggs Art Art Prints, Original pieces, and handmade plush ponies Cash, PayPal, Debit, Credit
29 Popular Universe We mostly specialize in MLP plush, particularly the higher quality official plush, such as those made by 4DE. Cash and Credit/Debit
30 ArtworkTee I sell primarily tshirts with original designs made by our 3 dozen partnered artists. We also sell smaller items such as mousepads, posters and buttons. Paypal, Square, Cash
31 Art by Vy Prints, buttons, notebooks, stickers. Cash and credit card
32 Silver Band Customized “My Little Pony” figures with hand sculpted manes and tails Cash, credit, debit, PayPal
33 Ponies by RubioWolf Here at Ponies by RubioWolf, you’ll find an assortment of plushie goodness to take home with you! I offer an assortment of characters ranging from mane cast to background ponies to the assorted crossover characters. I offer a variety of sizes, from hand/palm size up to 13/14 inch standing. All plushies are hand-made by me using a Brother CS-600i sewing machine, Brother SE400/PE770 embroidery machines along with hand sewn parts/pieces. I accept all major credit/debit cards via PayPal/Square card readers, or cash.
34 ShowtimeandCoal I sell buttons/pins, accessories such as necklaces and bracelets, prints, sketches, ears, and felt creations. I accept cash, credit, and paypal
35 Tiny Blissfulness Handmade polymer clay items including: Micro bottled ponies, necklaces, keychains, sculptures, large bottled pony scenes (including popular ships), and OCs Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
36 My Dreamy Star My Dreamy Star features a variety of merch from MLP, Steven Universe, Pokemon, to original works and comics by indie artists and industry professionals! We offer prints, stickers, wall scrolls, keychains, and more so please stop by and check us out. Cash, Card, Paypal
36 Crecious Arts
37 Hollulu’s Art Studio Sketch commissions, along with art prints, pins, charms, and other mystery goodies! Swing on by, especially if you’re a friend of mothponies! Credit and Debit cards, cash, Paypal
38 LateCustomer
39 WhiteDiamonds Offering art prints, traditional media commissions, buttons, mousepads
and play mats, coffee mugs and tumblers, and other assorted printed
Cash, card, PayPal
40 Cute Parade High quality hand made plushies, jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Cash and Credit Card
41 Ickle Musings Prints, T-Shirts, Hand-drawn sketches, and stickers! Cash, credit or debit
42 Coins of Harmony Collectible coins featuring the Mane Six and more. Cash, Credit, Paypal
43 Koonzy Variety of pins, twilight sparkle secret shipfi. Folder cards, and prints Cash and paypal
44 Ambris Art High-quality art prints, plushies and other custom made merchandise Cash or Card
45 The Bunny Wispery Plushies, paper pendants, and other accessories cash and credit/debit cards
46 Brianna Garcia I specialize in illustration, and I offer art prints, sketchbooks, commissions, and more. I accept both cash and card payments.
47 Celebi-Yoshi’s Art I am an artist who sells posters, copic marker commissions, pinback buttons, acrylic charms, mousepads, wallscrolls and more! Also my silly googly-eye buttons (custom google-eye buttons can be made on the spot). Cash, card, paypal