Autograph Pricing and Policies

Autograph Pricing

Guest of Honor Autograph Price Photo Price Combo Auto&Photo
Andrea Libman
Chiara Zanni
Katrina Hadley
Vincent Tong
Jim Miller
Nicole Dubuc
Mike Vogel
Lady Writer Combo (Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco
Careen Ingle
Gabriel Brown $20 $20 Cash Only $30
Tara Strong $30 $20 Cash Only N/A
Susan Egan $30 $30 $50
Lauren Faust $30 $20 N/A

Autograph Rules

Purchase your vouchers for autographs and photo-ops at the Autograph room, located in the back of the California Grill. For many Equestria LA attendees getting to meet our Guests of Honor is a memorable high-point of the weekend. In order to ensure that as many people can get autographs and photos with our Guests of Honor as possible, please follow these rules when getting something signed or taking a picture:

  • Only one item can be signed per autograph voucher. If you don’t have something to have signed this item may be a print available at each Guest of Honor’s table.
  • Only one picture per photo-op voucher. One extra picture “just in case” is allowed.
  • Be aware of the line behind you when interacting with our Guests of Honor; please do not linger while others are patiently waiting.
  • No photographs with Guests of Honor without a voucher.
  • Only Parents-in-tow filming their children’s interactions with Guests of Honor will be allowed, at that Guest’s discretion. All others must refrain from filming or taking additional photographs in the Autograph room. If any Staff member asks you to put away your camera or other recording device at any time you must comply.
  • Please do not linger in the Autograph room once you have acquired all desired autographs and photographs for that session.
  • Vouchers are non-refundable
  • Please refrain from bringing edible or consumable gifts to our Guests of Honor. While gifts are warmly appreciated, they are not necessary. Please also keep in mind that some of our guests may not be able to transport large or bulky items back home.
  • Guests of Honor may choose not to sign an item or take a photograph for any reason.