Take a look at some of the events you can experience at Equestria LA 2017!


  • Club Luna
    Saturday night EDM concert with fan community musicians
    TBD -
    Alex S
    AKA Andromulus
  • Just For Kids
    Kids 12 and under and their families
    Several -
    When I Grow Up
    Short "career day" talks by professionals in our community and VIP guests intended to provide role models for children. Guests will tell the kids what it's like to do their job and answer questions. This speaker series will be sprinkled throughout the Children's Programming schedule.
    TBD -
    Story Time with G.M. Berrow
    Author G.M. Berrow reads a selection from one of her My Little Pony books.
    TBD -
    Equestria L.A. Explorers
    Follow the clues with Chiara Zanni, voice of pony adventurer Daring Do, on this convention-wide scavenger hunt to find the hidden treasure!
  • Panel Highlights
    Opportunities to see our invited guests
    Women in Animation
    Join Lauren Faust, Erica Larsen-Dockray and other female professionals in the animation industry as they discuss their careers. This special panel is intended to provide role models for girls and show that they, too, can create great animation.
    TBD -
    Comic Artists Panel
    Have questions for the VIP comic book artists? Come watch them draw and answer questions about any of the many titles they work on, including My Little Pony.
    TBD -
    Voice Actor Panels
    Do you have questions for the My Little Pony voice actors? Want to know what it was like to work on the My Little Pony Movie? Stop by one of the VA panels and find out!
    TBD -
    Writers Panels
    Learn how My Little Pony stories are born from writers of Friendship is Magic TV episodes and chapter books.
  • Ticketed Events
    Special events requiring a separate ticket
    5:30 pm Saturday, November 18 -
    Inside the Animator's Studio: An Evening With Lauren Faust
    $55 - Equestria LA members get a $5 discount on this event arranged by The Brony Thank You Fund. Ticket price is tax-deductible and goes to benefit the Derpy Hooves Scholarship in Character Animation at CalArts. More info: